What is Strengths?

Made popular through the books “Now, Discover Your Strengths” and “Strengths 2.0”, millions of people have taken the StrengthsFinder. This online assessment, developed by the Gallup Organization, will identify your Top 5 Signature Themes of talent and offer ideas for developing them. The power of this development tool lies in understanding your talents in relation to others. Gallup research shows that the organizations give employees an opportunity to play to their strengths get a return on investment in the form of employee engagement, productivity and profitability.

What is Strengths Coaching?

“I’ve got my Top 5 Strengths. Now, What?” The universal challenge with StrengthsFinder is how to take the science of the assessment and make it applicable in your life or your organization.
This is where I want to help you and your organization. I have the experience of embedding strengths into an employee culture, training and team facilitation. This is my strength!


For Individuals, coaching based on strengths will:

  • Increase awareness of what makes you unique and powerful
  • Increase your engagement, performance and potential for success
  • Improve your relationships as you understand your “role”

For Teams, learning to leverage strengths will:

  • Increase awareness and appreciation of colleague’s uniqueness.
  • Improve communication and smooth friction that leads to conflict.
  • Encourages partnerships resulting in improved performance.

For Organizations, choosing strengths-based philosophy:

  • Fosters a positive organizational culture.
  • Encourages employees to find the “right fit” for the role.
  • Equips Managers with a positive way to motivate and develop employees.

Let’s get started