Kathy Kersten

With more than 15 years of experience working with Gallup’s strengths materials and training thousands of people, I’ve built a reputation as a master at helping individuals, teams and entire organizations align their talents and strengths to achieve peak performance.


My bold and insightful coaching style helps individuals to not only maximize their strengths, but leverage the strengths of those around them. I have helped teams set aside stifling problems and generate possibilities that combine their unique strengths, achieving more than they imagined possible together. At the organizational level, I help leaders embed the strengths-based philosophy into their culture, management training and all aspects of the employee life cycle.


On a personal level, I passionately live out my strengths with my husband and three kids in our beloved state of Texas. We are five bookworms that love to travel, fish and root for the Texas Aggies.

My Top 5 Strengths

Strategic – Idea Generator. I get a thrill out of discovering people’s ambition and helping them plan to make it happen.
Input – Born Collector. I have a crazy, good memory for people and their uniqueness.
Learner – Growth Minded. I love challenges that require me to learn something new. I often read three books at a time and share what I learn with others.
Belief – Purpose Driven. I have a strong desire to see others leave a legacy of value and worth – to live a life that matters.
Maximizer – Talent Obsessed. Every person has excellence in them, I love to find it.

Let’s get started

Professional Background Summary:


15+ Years of Facilitation, Training,
and Public Speaking Experience


12+ Years of Strengths Coaching Experience


Gallup Strengths Coach Certified
in 2008 and 2014