Individual Coaching

Transitioning to a new role?
Desiring to achieve big, hairy audacious goals?
Scattered by competing priorities and messy employee relationships?

Strengths coaching can help you identify your unique talents and help you leverage them to increase your achievement of success or make a plan for growth in desired areas. Each client’s unique needs will determine the length and cadence of coaching calls. A free 20-minute phone call can help us determine if coaching is a good fit for your needs. Reach out to me using through the contact form.

Team Sessions

Is your team forming, storming, norming or performing?
Need help planning a team building event?

I’ve worked with teams in every stage and at every level of the org chart. The team environment is where the “rubber meets the road” on strengths. In the context of your team’s unique situation, I custom design team sessions that allow individuals to articulate their strengths, stimulate team conversation around current challenges, and intentionally leverage each other’s talents to achieve goals. Insights from the workshop bolster trust and relational productivity across the team. Each team session is usually a 3-4 hour experience.

Consulting for Organizations

Want to embed strengths into your organization?

As an experienced HR pro, my clients trust me to custom build and deliver strengths based training to help them achieve their goals of running the business, increasing team efficiency and improving the employee experience. To achieve this, I draw on a deep knowledge and the experience I have with well known programs, like 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, The First 90 Days, Situational Leadership, Coaching Edge, etc.  My goal is always to create something that fits the unique culture of the organization and will make a lasting impact.

Examples of custom sessions that I have built for clients:

  • Leadership Development Strengths Training
  • Executive Onboarding Course & Coaching
  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Strengths based Management Workshops for Emerging Leaders/Managers
  • Career Wellbeing Workshop
  • Employee Engagement Consultation/Coaching for HR Professionals
  • Train the Strengths Trainer & Train the Strengths Coach
  • Board of Directors Strengths Session
  • Christian Youth and Ministry Group Workshops
  • StrengthsQuest (High School and College) Workshops

Let’s get started